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Welcome Hades. <3

I had an inquiry about doing photos of welcoming a puppy! Oh my god! I really did get so excited! Something so joyful to celebrate!

I love animals so much! Like so much. I remember sitting down with mom and dad and my brother and watching the movie "Shiloh" and crying to break my heart. I cried because I wanted a pet so bad. At this point my parents kept saying "no". I truly never understood them until I got my own pets. Pets are work! They require time and love. As a parent now with a toddler and two cats, I get that. But as a young kid, I did not. I cried enough as a young kid my parents came home with two budgie birds one night and I cried with excitement! Paulie and Bluejay were their names. My brother and I loved them. Paulie was mine (named from the movie Paulie, he was similar in colour) and my brother named his -- the blue one, Bluejay.

Well our birds lived 6 years. Which is really unheard of with Budgies. They had good lives. I'm glad my parents caved because I still love animals just as much today!

So with all the excitement and planning in welcoming Hades into Michelle's & Josh's family I started really planning a location, sunset, chasing light and I had pictured a black puppy (because of his name).

He was just beyond cute! So chill, so happy and just an overall beautiful puppy!

After Michelle, Josh and I started chatting during the session I got the shock my life! No joke, a total shock! Initially I asked where both of them were from (because not many people are local to McMurray). Michelle responds "Port Saunders". My face dropped. "No way!". She mentioned her dad is from Quebec and her mom is from Port Saunders. I could hear the accent so much in her voice! For those of you who aren't familiar with that location, it's the community next to my hometown (11kms apart to be precise) and where my husband is from, along with my best friends. Sister towns really.

Not only was her mom from Port Saunders, she's first cousin to my life long childhood best friend and I almost fell over in the snow bank! Noooo wayy!! Oh my god, talk about meeting someone for a reason! It's such a small world! I was beyond grateful to have connected with someone so close to home!

Thank you Michelle and Josh for choosing me to capture such an amazing milestone in your family. Hades, you are beyond cute!!

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