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Couples Boudoir - Ashley & Kyle

2020 started off with a lot of goals for me. Huge goals. February was my time to start executing them and crushing them.

In the summer of 2019 Ashley and Kyle had a precious baby girl. They contacted me for family/newborn photos. I was so excited! I got to meet their whole family and we had a blast doing their shoot. A connection was made that day. I realized how deep the connection really was once we started chatting and talking about life in general. They were from my home province, had babies, mom was visiting, etc. Honestly, they're so genuine and down to earth and I felt so good after our shoot had ended. Like so good.

Let's fast forward to January 2020. Ashley messaged me. She had asked me if I was open to doing a couples boudoir. Seriously, I danced and sang a little because she didn't realize my goal was written down and it was exactly what I had in mind for February. We booked the shoot. Excited was an understatement! We surpassed EVERYTHING I had ever hoped for with these images and I am so happy about them.


"I had a baby in July and as a haul truck driver we all know how hard it is to keep that weight off. I messaged Kayla because I was getting depressed about my weight and not feeling beautiful. All the reasons people are scared to do this is why I messaged her. Within 5 mins I was walking around in panties and bra; she understands, she loves my body, she was proud of me, and my husband was there cheering me on. We had so much fun during our couples shoot and I would highly recommend to anyone and couples also! She makes you feel special and Kayla is surely the right photographer! No doubt in my mind! Anyone who is scared but wants to do this please message this beautiful lady because she is amazing at what she does! You truly did make all my insecurities go away! You're awesome, you're a professional, and you are the right person for these shoots!" -- Ashley D.

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